Which order should you do the exercises in?

By Marwan / July 9, 2014

Alright boys and girls.

We have another topic for you today and this time we will talk about which order should you do the exercises first?

I would say that 99% of people in the gym that I meet on a daily basis have stagnated and are going backward.  The reason being is that they are obsessed with growing their favourite muscles like the chest, biceps, shoulders they forget about the little guys such as the triceps, forearms and they wonder why they don’t get any bigger!

So back to the question which order should you do the exercises first?

There is a simple rule.  The rule is to place your priorities first NOT your favourites.

There are different ways to prioritise the muscle

1) Sequence within workout

2) Sequence within week

3) Volume

The muscles that you put at the beginning of the workout will get the greatest improvement as they will be fresh, you will have more focus and less fatigued.

The muscle groups that you do at the start of the week will see more improvement.

The exercises that you do more off will get more response.  If you put your abs or calves at the end you won’t be likely to do as many sets or get the most out of it as you will be in a fatigued state.

People wonder why they don’t get nice abs.  You won’t grow a muscle if it is fatigued and do less work for. People wonder why they don’t grow their calves.  Well if they prioritise this muscle they will get the growth that they want! Pretty simple really.

I was talking with one dude the other day, I had done my warm up and I started doing some abs at the start of my workout instead of leaving them until the end.  So he says to me “You are not supposed to put your abs at the start of the workout otherwise you will get injured”.”I am sorry I said”? “Where did you hear this from”??

Oh it was on some website that I was reading.

The internet

Dear oh dear.  Say no more.  Just because he read it from some dude who has no clue what he is talking about that means it is OK.

So I just left it at that and carried on with my set.

Rant over!

I cannot scientifically or logically find any way that you can injure yourself if you do your abs first.  Learn by doing guys not by debating.

There are no rules in bodybuilding, only principles and you apply the principles.

Put smaller muscles first, give them a chance to grow.  Yes you might not be able to put 3 plates per side on the bench press after doing a tricep session.  But who cares how many plates you have on each side if the end result is more muscles?  I would say that my pecs are pretty well developed, in the top 10% in my gym.  It did not come just by lying under the bench press each time I do a chest session.

Variation is the key, by doing your triceps first your chest will have to work much harder, so although you are using lighter weights your chest will be working just as hard if not harder as it cannot get help from the little guys.

Do your biceps before your back.  Again your lats will have to work harder and you won’t use really heavy weights but at least you get to save your joints!

Work your weak link.

Building muscles is not all about lifting heavy.

There are endless options you can do.  One option is to tip the programme upside down and just do that for 6 weeks.  If you have put biceps at the end put them at the beginning before back.  Do the same with triceps and chest.  Change the order of days that you start the exercises on. So if you always did Chest and Biceps on a Monday switch that around and do it at the end of the week.

It is all about prioritising.

Alright guys, I hope this clarified things a little more, leave your comments below.

Train hard and expect success.


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