Should you do a barbell curl or a EZ bar curl

By Marwan / July 9, 2014


I get asked the question about which bar is the better one to use for doing bicep curls, the EZ bar or the Olympic bar/straight bar? There are various controversies around and conflicting opinions on which is better. Here is my opinion on this, hopefully it will help clear up any confusion.

If your goal is to build huge biceps then the straight bar is the one to use unless it is too uncomfortable on the wrists.  The EZ bar is far more comfortable on the wrists.

One  of the main roles of the biceps to flex the elbow joint as well as rotating the palm (supinating).

EZ bar

This is where the problem lies.

The EZ bar allows you to use more weight as more tension is transferred to the top of the forearms (brachioradialis) because you are turning your palms in towards you (supinating).

With a straight bar the tension is mostly on the biceps with less being transferred onto the forearms.  It is better at building the overall size on the biceps.

Using an EZ bar will work the short head that lies on the outside more so you will get more of a peak contraction whilst the straight bar focuses more on the long head.

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I use both the EZ bar and the Straight bar as a variation in my training and I think you should as well to target your biceps from all different angles.  Use the straight bar for a month then switch it up and use the EZ bar for variety.

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