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By Marwan / July 10, 2014



Dear fellow skinny guy,

My name is Marwan

As a previous skinny guy myself I know what you guys are going through.  I used to buy all the fitness magazines that are out there, do the workouts inside them and when that is finished I used to look at youtube for the next workout tomorrow or the after.  I used to spend hours in the gym working out, talking to different people trying to figure out a way to build muscle.  One person would tell me you have to do 10 reps per set with 1 minute rest, the next would say no no you have to do 8 reps and rest 2 minutes. Then there was always this supplements or that supplement that promised to give me big muscles but guess what? I was still the same.  So who was right?

Does that sound like a familiar story to you? I bet you are as confused as I was.

Read on…

Up until a year ago I was like some of you guys scrawny, skinny but with a belly.  My social life was none existent.  No girl would look at me.  I mean why would they? Whilst my buddies were jacked up I was a skinny kid.  I used to ask what foods I should ask to put on weight all I could hear was eat more protein,more protein.  I tried that, and the result?  The same.

If you were like me, in the summer you used to carry a pair of dumbbells in the car to do some curls before you hit the beach to try and get a pump!  You know the saying “curls for the girls, guns for the sun”.

I was frustrated that all my buddies were big and muscular and I was skinny. I was fed up of wearing small shirts that were tight to try and show that I had muscles.

So in the end I decided to do a little research myself and what I discovered shocked me.

  • Muscles are not made inside some secret formulae or pill
  • Most Magazine workouts are for people with better than average genetics, i.e. not for the likes of you and me.
  • Eating big does not mean indulging in the wrong foods
  • Working out for a long time and not leaving the gym till you cannot walk no more is detrimental to building muscles

No wonder I was looking the same week by week and month by month.  The training programmes from the magazines are designed with plateaus built inside them.  Our bodies are clever mechanisms.  They adapt to each and every situation that is thrown on it.  The truth is, the workouts inside the magazines would floor a gorilla!  That’s why they are designed for people who are unnatural.  The volume alone would wreck your body.

As you can imagine, having spent all this money I was furious.  I mean how can they be so deceptive?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti supplements but there is a time and a place for it

So I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to fight back against these supplement companies and I didn’t want people to fall into the same trap as I did. That’s why I created this site.

My mission is to help as many skinny guys build muscle as possible by passing on my knowledge that I have learned and mistakes that I made and learned from to you guys.

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Hi, my name is Marwan and I set up this site to help skinny guys and girls just like you to end their frustrations and have the body of their dreams. I believe there are no limitations to what mankind can achieve.