By Marwan / July 7, 2014

Boys and Girls, ladies and gentlemen.

I have another controversial article for you, it is called IIFYM.  Another diet that is hot off the press and seems to be really popular amongst dieters and bodybuilders alike.  I must say I did not know anything about this diet until someone came up to me and asked me about it, so I have done some research for you guys.

IIFYM stands for If It Fits Your Macros.  Your macros are macronutrients such as Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates.  This diet claims that you can literally EAT whatever you want providing it fits with your macros for the day.  So if your target is 3000 calories at 40% Protein, 30% Carbohydrates and 30% Fats then you can have it, being an ice cream or a pizza, crispy doughnuts or a chocolate.

So if you have 500 calories remaining for that day you would go and eat whatever you like.  Literally!!! This is on a daily basis.  Talk about emotional eating huh!!

Dear oh dear me.

Here is my stance on it.  And I don’t mean to beat up the diet.

First you need to kind think “what is my goal“? Do I want to just lose weight or do I want to look like the fitness model in the magazine?. If your goal is to look like the fitness model then what are you doing following this diet huh? Do you think this fitness model eats like this and still look THAT good?

If your goal is to lose weight then OK you can still do that but your shape might “stay” the same if you get my drift.

The problem with society nowadays, is that everyone wants to look like the fitness model with a six pack and muscular body but nobody wants to do what the fitness model does to get to where he/she is!  This is a prime example of how lazy society has become.  People are looking for shortcuts.  They don’t want to eat 5 or 6 meals per day or eat every 2-3 hours like the fitness model or goto bed early or drink x amount of water per day and so on.  In short they don’t want to make the commitment or the sacrifices to get to where they want to be.

Everybody wants results yesterday.  They want a quick fix.

Well I got bad news, there is no “quick fix” to gaining muscle or to losing fat.

Still with me?


Next point….

Calories are not created equally! Calories from pizza, cakes, doughnuts or whatever DONOT have the same effect on your body, either physically, metabolically, psychologically, and hormonally whether they are 200 calories or 500.  As much as you want to believe it, you will not have a good body eating this kind of food daily.  Read this line again and let it sink in.

Your health will suffer and so will your performance in the gym.  Good fats are the build your cells and makes them stronger, increases the health of your immune system.  Eating junk every day will do the opposite.  There is a saying “You are what you eat”.

What happens when you put diesel in a Ferrari? It won’t go very far! Our bodies are the same.

People who believe that they can eat this kind of food and have a good body are in denial.  They probably still believe that Santa Clause comes down their chimney on Christmas Eve and Elvis is still alive!!  Every meal that you have will either get you closer to your goals or further from your goals.

You guys have seen my pictures, do you think I indulge in junk food each day? Heck no.  I would not look like this if I ate this food each day.  Sure I like the occasional treat you know a pizza every now and again, an ice cream or a chocolate bar.  BUT I use these meals to really work harder in the gym.

They are far and few between.  Sometimes I  might allocate one cheat day per week, a 12 hours during which I will eat whatever I want.  But it is not a given.  At times I would go 3-4 weeks without a cheat day, but IF I have worked really hard that week I will just eat lots of extra carbs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my food and if it was possible to eat this way and still look amazing then I would do it.  I love pizza, fries, ice cream you name it.


There are no shortcuts to having an amazing body nor are there shortcuts in life.  It takes hard work, it takes dedication and commitment.  There are no two ways about it.

People say that there is no change hormonally if you eat this food.  Really???????

Well I have some news for you.  Each meal you eat has a different response on your hormone levels.  FACT!!!!

In short and without going into detail…

Eating Carbs will trigger the hormone insulin to be released to bring back your blood sugar levels to normal range.

Eating Protein will trigger the hormone Glucagon to be released.

Eating Fats will trigger the hormone Testosterone

OK everyone likes a pizza no? Aside from its high caloric content, it contains a combination of fats, protein and carbs.

Still with me?


I am about to tell you how people get fat eating these foods.

You see insulin is primarily a storage hormone but it also has other functions (we won’t go into it this time).  There is this thing called Insulin Receptors in the body.  What happens when these get used and abused too often? It will malfunction meaning it will not sense that there is excess sugar in the blood and that my friends is how you end up with Type II diabetes.(That’s one way anyway)!!

But it fits my macros!!

Fats are slow digesting so when you eat a high combination of both, what happens? Insulin takes these nutrients and stores them as fat.  And you know what, each LB of fat is 3000 calories.

Still not convinced?

Try eating a cake and see what happens.  You will be like a kid in the playground who just snacked on a candy! Your insulin levels just went through the roof!

So here we are guys, I am not against this diet as such, just I don’t believe that you can have a GREAT body whilst having these kind of foods each day.  Sure have an occasional treat with friends and family, go out and enjoy life nothing wrong with that.  What it all comes down to is your goals.  Do you want to look like the Pro Fitness Model or are you happy going to gym 3 or 4 days per week and look the same 1 year down the line if not worst?  Most importantly how much do you care about your health?

But it fits my macros!!

I leave you with this.  Each food that you consume is an opportunity for you to get closer or further from your goals.

Alright leave your comments below.



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