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By Marwan / July 9, 2014


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Do you know what is the best way to put on muscle quickly? I know I know I know.  You’re gonna tell me eat as much as you can to shoot over your calorie requirements and then cut up for the summer. Well I have news for you.  This used to work before but not anymore.  This style of “bulking” only works for newbies and usually works once to twice MAX.

Sure you might gain some muscle but some fat will come along as well.  As I have mentioned before in my previous posts a calorie is not just another calorie.  Calories are not created equally.  Calories from steaks and chicken are great for muscle building.  On the other hand calories from pizza and beer are not!

The other problem besides the fat is something called Insulin Sensitivity.  Simply this means is how effective your body is at clearing excess glucose or sugars from the blood stream.  The more insulin you release the fatter you get to put it bluntly! When insulin sensitivity down regulates you become insulin resistant, which is bad bad news.  Basically it means the body does not recognise that your carbohydrates from your proteins and fats and will not release insulin when it is supposed to.  When this happens it will lead to all sorts of health problems namely type II diabetes.

Ever wonder why natural bodybuilders get more muscular and leaner YEAR IN & YEAR OUT while everyone else in the gym looks the same each year?

And we’re talking about NATURAL fitness here. Regular people – just like you – who blow beyond their genetic potential year in and year out…

It’s because they understand this one fact:

Muscle growth occurs in SPURTS. It’s not a non-stop linear process!

Once you understand this, the only question you need to answer is: “How big do you want to get?!”

The biggest draw back to conventional bulking diets is that guys will go on a prolonged high calorie-eating plan for 12 weeks at a time. Now granted they will make some fast muscle gains initially when starting the program, but they quickly get to the point where the gains in body fat are greater than the gains in lean muscle mass.

Not cool.

OK enough ranting for now!

The Solution To Bulking Up Your Muscles, Not Your Waist Line:


The Anabolic Amplifier Effect is also known as the “Rebound” effect.

You see bodybuilders when getting ready for a show they diet down for 3 months, then after the show BOOM! They pig out for 2 weeks whilst training and put on new muscle.

How is that possible you ask?

Well it is to do with hormones to put it simply… Your anabolic hormones such as IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor), Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Insulin are “primed” for muscle growth.

On the other hand protein synthesis is increased and nitrogen retention is improved as your body acts like a “sponge” and soaks up all the nutrients into the muscle cells instead of your waistline for increased size and strength.

Again, this is phenomenal thing to experience.

Right now you are skeptical, I know.  Here are pictures of Lee and Vince, the co authors of the programme and their results from it.



How does this work?

Well you start with a 1 week “primer” phase.  This involves a low calorie nutrition plan then you follow this up with a 2 week “overload” phase which a high calorie nutrition plan to shuttle all these nutrients to your muscle.  Now this isn’t any “old” nutrition plan.  What I mean it is not a merry go around where you eat food that are devoid of nutrients such as pizza and fries!! The plan is SPECIFIC with DETAILED calorie and macronutrient consumption.

And that’s it, 21 days total!  Now you know why these bodybuilders pig out after a contest and still look “cut“.

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