Building Muscles Fast

By Marwan / July 9, 2014



When it comes to building muscles fast lots of people think of just going to the gym and moving some weights up and down, side to side and that’s it!! Boom you are ready to build muscle.

Here what you need to do in order to gain muscle

  • Train with weights – yes any weights will do, even a log! Seriously you can even use your own bodyweight to gain muscle on your body as a start.  This is probably the safest bet as you can get used to the movement of the muscle that you are trying to work.


  • Create tension on the target muscle – it’s no good moving the weight with all your body if you are looking to train your biceps.  You are wasting your time this way.  The muscle will ONLY grow if you APPLY TENSION directly on that muscle that you are trying to work.


  • Train hard, train often – that doesn’t mean training for 3 hours a day guys, or training until you cannot walk out of the gym floor!! Avoid any distractions whilst you are in the gym.


Try and hit the gym around 3-4 days per week.


  • Get yourself a training programme –  No Nonesense Muscle Building has been the number 1 muscle building programme on the internet for a reason.


  • Set yourself SMART goals


Specific – How much muscle do you want to have, how low do you want your body fat percentage to be.


Measurable – Measure your body fat, take pictures of yourself, look in the mirror to gauge progress


Achievable – Is your goal achievable and realistic? Be honest and don’t set unrealistic goals such as “I want to look like Arnie in 1 month” That’s just not going to happen guys.  You will be setting yourself up for failure doing this.


Realistic – as I mentioned above, don’t set unrealistic goals


Timeline – when do you want to have it by?


Tell all your friends about your goal, “I will gain 6lb of muscle in 2 months” or “I will be X amount of body fat percentage in 1 month”.


Write it out on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge at home, on your bedroom wall, anywhere that you are likely to see a lot, to remind yourself of the goals.


Make yourself accountable, when you make accountable and you have something at stake you are more than likely to achieve the goal.


Don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve the goal at the first time of asking.  Instead analyse.  Go back and ask yourself why?  Did I do enough? Could I have done more? Was my goal realistic? Learn from your mistakes.


  • Start the exercise in its proper starting position – most people don’t know the proper starting position of an exercise.


  • Train with enough volume – I don’t have an exact protocol for the number of reps per muscle group but most studies point to around 40 per muscle group


  • Train close to failure – with weights you can lift 8-12 times


  • Train with intensity.  Don’t go chasing the girl with a hot butt guys!! Focus on your training and leave that until after the workout is finished.


  • Lift heavy weight with perfect form – Don’t yank the weight or jerk your hips especially when doing bicep curls, yes you know who you are!! That will do nothing for your biceps to grow.


  • Feel the muscles not the weight if hypertrophy is your goal – Focus on squeezing the muscle, not lifting the weight.


  • Believe in yourself – Believe that you can do anything, and more times than not you will achieve the desired outcome.  “Aim for the moon and you will end up amongst the stars” is what my father used to drum into me each day.


  • Eat right. Before you can train effectively, you must provide your body and muscles with the nutrition. Eating correctly (both amount and frequency) will assist in both building muscle, and increasing your metabolism to burn fat.


Establish a regular eating pattern, try and eat a meal every 2-3 hours.  If a meal is not possible then try and consume a liquid meal in the form of a protein shake.


Muscles expend calories.  What is meant by that they require more calories to survive than a person who little muscle mass.  You need to eat to recover and rebuild the muscle fibres so that that they can grow


  • Overload the muscles progressively – Increase the weights gradually and only when you can do so at the same intensity as lifting with less weights.


  • Stretch – YES!! The number one overlooked point.  When you train your muscles get shorter.  When they get short they don’t contract as effectively leaving you with knots and the less room for nutrients to flow.  Stretch before and after exercise.  I know this goes against all what you’ve been taught, but bear with me.  Before exercise you want to do Dynamic Stretching, after exercise we want to do Static Stretching.


Think of warming up a racing car before going on a race.  After the race you have cool down laps.  Your body is the same.  Think of a balloon, what happens when you fill it up with water, it expands right? Why? Because it is stretched!


  • Train your minors – I see lots of people training the major muscle groups in their body and neglecting the small ones.


Training their chest and shoulders and neglecting their back, training their biceps and neglecting the triceps.


The triceps muscle comprises ¾ of the arm muscles.  Don’t be one of those.  For every agonist muscle there is an antagonist. What I am trying to say is train your whole body.


Most people fail in life because they major in the minor things.”  – Anthony Robbins

  “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”Peter Drucker

  • Respect your prescribed lifting tempo and rest periods – If the tempo is 4 seconds to lower the weight take 4 seconds to lower the weights.  Its 4 seconds for a reason.
  • Leave your ego at the door – Yes.  You are there to build your body, not to lift the weights!  Muscles don’t understand weight, they understand tension, they understand angles. I repeat, muscles don’t understand weight they understand tension.
  • Focus on what you can control – Don’t go comparing your physique with others or fret about your genetics.  Focus on the variables that will help you achieve your goals
  • Recover from your workouts – You must have recovered from your previous workout in order to build muscle.  Sleep at least 8 hours per day; eat frequently, drink lots of water.  Avoid stress whenever possible.  I know it’s hard guys but just try OK?
  • Have a mentor – Yes, it sounds silly but having that person that you seek to be like makes a big difference.

So there you are guys.  I hope these points have now made it easier to know what it takes to build your muscles fast.


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