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By Marwan / July 9, 2014


Hey guys,

Another fun article for you guys today, this time I am going to talk about bro science.

Bro science is essentially people who spend most of their time talking about science and doing little else.

Here is a definition from the Urban Dictionary:

Broscience is the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research.

I will translate!

It means the guys out there who are doing something and not waiting for science to catch up get more credibility than the science guru.

Bro Science are guys who are so busy reading about what science does they have little time to do anything else.  Essentially it is thinkers vs doers.

Thinker vs Doer

I will give you examples.

This dude down the gym that I was talking to him and he asked me a question about coffee.  He said what do you think about coffee before a workout? I said from my experience it can be good as it increases focus but once it wears off you get what is called ” a comedown”.  So he said I don’t take coffee now as I read that it can block the protein synthesis!

Yeah whatever!!

Another dude said Oh I’ve got to eat every 2 hours otherwise I go catabolic


If you want to build muscle you must train in the 9-12 reps range.


You’ve got to do squats if you want to build your legs


Glutamine clashes with the amino acids in the protein shake that you take

Or this classis

Oh I must finish my workout in 45 minutes else my cortisol levels will elevate and I will go catabolic.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a big advocate of people who do research.  But the problem science changes every day.  We were told you can eat every 2-3 hours.  Now you it’s every 3-4.5 hours is acceptable.  There are a lot of people who sit on the internet reading PubMed and quoting the research.

This is the one reason they don’t make progress is they are forever reading and not applying any of the knowledge or are afraid to apply it.

The truth is the more you know the less you know if that makes sense.  There is always something else to know, something new comes up everyday.

What I am saying is yes do your research but don’t spend forever reading and not doing anything about it. Do the research but also apply this research or you will never make any progress.

Science is good and fun at the same time, I myself do a lot of research but I would say the biggest factor has come from making the mistakes in the real world i.e. in the gym and working out what the mistakes were for myself rather than spend hours and hours reading every scientific paper out there.

OK guys, that is all for today’s article, please pass on to friends and coleagues who you think would benefit from this.

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