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Hi, my name is Marwan and I set up this site to help skinny guys and girls just like you to end their frustrations and have the body of their dreams. I believe there are no limitations to what mankind can achieve.


    Is Time Under Tension (TuT) a myth?

    By Marwan / July 1, 2014

    What is Time Under Tension or TUT and is Time Under Tension a myth? Time Under Tension refers to amount of time the muscle is constantly under tension within a set, usually measured in seconds. As ever in the bodybuilding community you will talk to those who swear by it and those that think Time […]


      5 Exercises that harm your body

      By Marwan / June 26, 2014

      In the world of body building there are groups who are what I call the sheep because they follow the herd, these are the people who pick exercises based on what they believe that exercise does to them, and there are those that are the what I call the Neanrderthals, frankly because they are. Day […]

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