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Hi, my name is Marwan and I set up this site to help skinny guys and girls just like you to end their frustrations and have the body of their dreams. I believe there are no limitations to what mankind can achieve.


    How to build titan traps

    By Marwan / April 22, 2018

    Do you ever go in the weight room and see these guys with massive backs and the separations appear when they’re working out? You know with Lats flaring out, thick rhomboids, spinal erectors running up both sides and thick traps at the top? A big back is what separates the boys from the men in […]


      How to get stronger in your 40s and beyond!

      By Marwan / April 19, 2018

      We know as we get older our metabolism gets slower, our recovery gets slower too. This doesn’t mean we stop exercising! It doesn’t mean being weaker, it doesn’t mean you cannot build muscle or get stronger. It is important to be fit and active, whether you are 20, 40 or 60 somethings years old. How […]


        Insulin – all you need to know

        By Marwan / March 10, 2018

        Whenever you hear the word insulin you automatically think of carbs! And whenever you think of carbs you think insulin! How many of us have been to the gym where you hear the bro’s saying that they need to spike their insulin?! What is insulin? Depending on who you speak to, insulin is bad and […]


          Carb cycling for fat loss

          By Marwan / March 4, 2018

          When people start their cut, typically the first thing they do is cut carbohydrates.  Thing is, carbs are not the enemy, just as fat isn’t the enemy. Unfortunately most people go to the extremes all the time.  By extremes I mean they either go high carb or low carb, no inbetween. Here is what is […]


            How to choose your perfect fat loss diet

            By Marwan / February 24, 2018

              Today I am going to give you some simple strategies for choosing your ideal fat loss diet.  There are many diets out on the market it can be difficult to make a clear decision on which one is most suitable for you. There is the atkins diet, intermittent fasting, paleo, the zone, keto and […]


              What should you eat for breakfast?

              By Marwan / February 23, 2018

              Breakfast is our most important meal of the day right? Or so we are told. But lost in that translation is what exactly you should have on the plate.  A traditional English breakfast is a “fry-up”, the American breakfast is pretty much similar, though 31% of Americans who eat breakfast admitted they ate cold cereal. […]


                Muscle for Skinny Guys

                By Marwan / July 10, 2014

                    Dear fellow skinny guy, My name is Marwan As a previous skinny guy myself I know what you guys are going through.  I used to buy all the fitness magazines that are out there, do the workouts inside them and when that is finished I used to look at youtube for the next […]


                  How to gain weight fast for skinny guys

                  By Marwan / July 10, 2014

                  “How to gain weight fast for skinny guys” One of the questions that I get is “how to gain weight fast for skinny guys” with the question coming mainly from you guessed it, skinny guys and girls. The $64m question.  How to get weight fast for skinny guys?  I guess what people really mean is […]

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