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Hi, my name is Marwan and I set up this site to help skinny guys and girls just like you to end their frustrations and have the body of their dreams. I believe there are no limitations to what mankind can achieve.


Why you can’t stop overeating

By Marwan / June 24, 2018

I know the feeling, one slice of pizza turns into 2, and two turn into a whole box! I’ve been there before and you start saying to yourself “what’s wrong with me”? But don’t worry, you’re not alone.  It is perfectly normal. It happens to the best of us and when that happens you just […]


4 ways to stay in shape when you are busy

By Marwan / June 17, 2018

Holiday preparations, family visits, and epic meals… end-of-the-year festivities can make it feel impossible to avoid skipping workouts, gaining weight, and coming back from a holiday with a massive hangover. Life can be calm and collected. Or it can be frenetic and crazy. The holidays, of course, offer a healthy dose of the latter. So […]


How I quit weekend overeating

By Marwan / June 10, 2018

In my world, weekend overeating (and over-boozing) was ‘just what people did.’ It felt good to let loose… until I got sick of the regret, guilt, bloating, and extra pounds. That’s when I discovered the surprising *real* reason behind my Friday-to-Sunday gorging. Here are the 5 strategies I used to ditch the habit (and the […]


Can you gain weight by eating too little?

By Marwan / June 3, 2018

  You’re tracking your eating and exercise meticulously but not seeing results. Has your metabolism slowed to a crawl? Are your hormones off? Is it really possible to GAIN weight from eating too LITTLE? Here’s what’s really going on — and how to solve it. So the question is…How can I be gaining weight by […]



By Marwan / May 20, 2018

Weight Loss Diet for Men Principle #1 – Stop Dieting Any diet that severely restricts calories whether it is carbs, fats or protein is set up for failure longterm.  It will not work full stop. Restrictive diets leave you with cravings. No more carbs? You’ll be craving cereal and bread like you never have before. No […]


Calories – to count or not to count

By Marwan / May 6, 2018

          Keeping track of calories is important for body composition.  If you don’t know how many calories you are eating how do you expect to achieve your dream physique ? It is like building a house without a blueprint. Is counting calories necessary? I think first you have to learn about […]


Intermittent Fasting – what you need to know

By Marwan / April 29, 2018

                    INTERMITTENT FASTING may well be the most discussed dietary concept on the Internet right now. Before we get into the why and the how, let’s first discuss the basics of the what. What is intermittent fasting? The easiest way to describe it is that you alternate between a fasting period […]


How to build titan traps

By Marwan / April 22, 2018

Do you ever go in the weight room and see these guys with massive backs and the separations appear when they’re working out? You know with Lats flaring out, thick rhomboids, spinal erectors running up both sides and thick traps at the top? A big back is what separates the boys from the men in […]

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