4 ways to stay in shape when you are busy

By Marwan / June 17, 2018

Holiday preparations, family visits, and epic meals… end-of-the-year festivities can make it feel impossible to avoid skipping workouts, gaining weight, and coming back from a holiday with a massive hangover.

Life can be calm and collected.

Or it can be frenetic and crazy.

The holidays, of course, offer a healthy dose of the latter.

So with that in mind here are some survival guides for you to keep the weight off during holidays or holiday season.

  1. Eat slowly and to “satisfied” instead of “stuffed”.  This is by far the simplest method and sometimes the simple stuff are the ones that work the best.

There are two reasons why this method works…

a) Physiological – It takes 15-20 min for your digestive system to let your brain know that you’re satisfied. Slowing down a meal allows that to happen before you overeat.

b) Psychological – When you slow down, “sense into”, and savor your food, you feel content with much less. This means you’ll eat less but enjoy what you’ve eaten more.

2. Anything is better than nothing – Many of us work out diligently throughout the year only to fall off the cliff when it comes to the holidays citing the “I am busy” excuse.

So with that in mind here are some ways you can still stay in shape while you are busy…

You don’t even have to go to the gym to keep your shape, so I will give you 3 methods, all you need is a kettlebell or kettlebells and a pair of dumbbells and your own body!

Option 1 Bodyweight workout

Superman Pushups

Reverse lunges

Spiderman Pushups

Mountain Climbers

How to do them:

Perform each exercise as hard as you can for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds rest and repeat this 5x

Option 2 Dumbbells

Squat into press



Pushups on dumbbells

How to do them – We will use a reversing ladder and start with 6 reps for each exercise, then 5, then 4 and all the way down to 1.

Option 3 Kettlebells

Kettlebell Swings 1 minute each side

Kettlebell Reverse lunge 10 reps each side

Kettlebell clean and press 10 reps each side

Kettlebell suitcase carry 50m each side

Repeat for 2 more rounds!

Why does the above work?

Here’s why..

  • You require minimal time and equipment – these exercises can be done anytime and anywhere
  • Uses compound exercises targeting more muscles
  • Helps you avoid the all or or nothing downward spiral
  • Keeps stress in check

None of the circuits above will take you more than 20 mins.

3. Instead of calorie counting, use “hand measure”.

Yup, and here is how it is done..

1 Palm = Serving of protein

1 Fist = Serving of vegetables

Cupped hand – Serving of carbs

1 Thumb = Serving of Fat

For men, 2 palms of protein, for women, 1 palm.

4. Eat well on the go 

When it comes to eating on the go many of us hit the panic button or eat whatever is in sight, healthy or not.  And with that in mind here are some ways to eat well on the road.

a) Pack a snack (or several).  What can you pack you ask?

  • Freshly cut fruit
  • Yoghurt or Cottage Cheese
  • Tinned Sardines/Salmon
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Celery
  • Nut butters
  • Good quality Protein bars
  • Protein shake
  • Raw veggies and hummus
  • Plain nuts (not salted) choose from Pecan, Walnuts, Almonds, Brazil nuts

Eating when in the airport..

At the airport, there is a restriction on what you can or can’t take with you.  Some foods will pass through security others will not.

So with that in mind here are some tips…

a) Try and eat before you get to the airport (if possible) this way you don’t get the urge to eat junk.

b) Aim for better not perfect.  Try and eat less of the burgers, hot dogs, chips etc..

Generally I try and pack healthy snacks.  This maybe a selection of fruits, some nuts and a protein powder and/or protein bars.

That way I can eat whenever I want and if I am ever short on time I don’t have to go hungry.

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Hi, my name is Marwan and I set up this site to help skinny guys and girls just like you to end their frustrations and have the body of their dreams. I believe there are no limitations to what mankind can achieve.