21 Day Fast Mass Building MP3 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

By Marwan / July 7, 2014

Vince Delmonte and Lee Hayward the co authors of 21 day fast mass building and John Romaniello (far right)Lee-Vince-FastMass

You may have heard the buzz about Lee Hayward and Vince Delmonte’s new 21 Day Fast Mass Building program.

The programme aims to deliver muscular gains of wait for it, 5…10..15….and yes even 20 pounds of muscle in just 21 days.

Sounds cool, don’t you think?

Did I say that this would be FAT FREE Muscle?

How, you ask? Good question because I was wondering the same thing.

They are using something called the Anabolic Amplifier Effect and you can Download the FREE report here

John Romaniello interviews the creators of the programme Lee Hayward and Vince Del Monte on their secret technique behind their new 21 Day Fast Mass Building Program. This is the same technique that competitive bodybuilders use to put on more and more muscle year after year.


This killer strategy (The Anabolic Amplifier Effect) can help you put on as much as 12 pounds of pure muscle in only 21 days. This may sound “to good to be true”, believe me it is not.

It’s based on rock-solid science, not BRO SCIENCE, and with 50+ years of real-world experience and Vince and Lee’s recent results. All is revealed in this FREE MP3 audio!

Remember in an earlier article that I shared with you about how these bodybuilders use this strategy to look more muscular and leaner year after year?

Enjoy this information packed interview!

Take care and train hard


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